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Previous Years' News:

March 2019:

Eugene Alforque receives the 2019 Undergraduate Summer Research Award of the Division of Physical Sciences to conduct research on RNA-DNA hybrid nanomaterials. Congratulations!

Congratulations to both, Doug and Kevin on successfuly passing the qualifying exam. Well done!

January 2019:

Stephanie Jocis and Shudan Yang are new Masters students joining the lab to work on method development for chemical diversification of nucleic acid nano-architectures.

In addition, two undergraduate researchers, Eugene Alforque and Tracy Tran join the group. Eugene and Tracy will work with Shi and Austin, respectively, on self-assembling nanostructures and assay development for a viral RNA drug target.

Welcome to our new colleagues, Stephanie, Shudan, Eugene and Tracy!


Doug presents for the first time our research on the development of a kit of robust nanoshapes that self-assemble from RNA and DNA modules at the 2019 Gordon Research Conference on RNA Nanotechnology.

Concurrently, our paper on the development of the nanoshapes is accepted for publication in Nature Communications with Alba Monferrer as the first author and Doug as co-author. Congratulations to Alba and Doug!

Shi presents a poster at the same conference and serves as the dicussion leader for a session on Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications of RNA Nanoparticles of the preceding Gordon Research Seminar.

Thomas has organized and is serving as the Chair of this Gordon Conference.