November 2007:

Welcome to new undergraduate lab members!

Chan Ho and Sarah Trosin are new additions to the Biochemistry & Crystallography lab to do research on RNA crystallization.

Thao Le and Cathy Thach join the Synthesis lab to work with Maia Carnevali and Emily Satkiewicz on new RNA-binding scaffolds.

July 2007:

Welcome to new lab members - and one Goodbye!

Margo Clayton is the new Administrative Assistant. Her office is located in PacHall 4140.

Sanjay Dutta joins the lab as a postdoc from the University of Missouri - Columbia. For his PhD thesis at UMC Sanjay worked in Kent Gates's lab on bioorganic chemistry of DNA damaging natural products.

Laura Walker will work in the lab for a Summer Rotation. Laura did her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Paola Castaldi leaves the lab to join the Center for Chemical Methodology and Library Development at Boston University. All the best for her future carreer!

June 2007:

Yi-Hsing Weng graduates from the UCSD Masters Program. Congratulations!

May 2007:

Ernest Lam wins the Urey Award for Undergraduate Research of the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department for his work characterizing structure and ligand interaction of an mRNA regulatory motif. Congratulations!

Jennifer Johnson and Tracey Pham win the Kalypsys Poster Award at the Undergraduate Research Symposium of the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department for their poster titled "Characterizing an RNA Nanosquare". Congratulations!

April 2007:

The NIH (NIAID) awards a 5-year R01 grant for $1,862,000 to the lab.

Sergey Dibrov and Jerod Parsons are on the lab's first trip to the synchrotron at Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, to collect diffraction data on heavy atom labelled RNA crystals.