December 2015:

Mark Boerneke has been selected as a UCSD Summer Graduate Teaching Scholar in 2016. Congratulations!

November 2015:

New graduate students Athira George, Kevin Luo and Zhenze Jiang start their rotation in our lab. Welcome to all!

October 2015:

A News Views article by Thomas on noncoding RNA as a drug target is published in Nature.

Zihao Wang is a new Masters graduate student who joins the group to work on synthesis of RNA-targeting ligands with Quint. Welcome!

September 2015:

Quint Frauman is awarded with a GAANN Fellowship by the U.S. Department of Education. Congratulations!

Sergey's paper on X-ray crystallography of viral noncoding RNA-ligand complexes is published in Methods in Molecular Biology, and

Mark has a paper on FRET studies of viral ncRNA switches published in Methods.

Congratulations to both!

Ashley Chong is an new undergraduate researcher in the UC LEADS program joining the group to work with Eileen on RNA expression and crystallography, and new graduate student Colin Denison starts his rotation in our lab. Welcome to both!

July 2015:

Mark's discovery and characeterization of ligand-responsive mechanical switches in viral ncRNA is published in RNA Biology. Congratulations!

March 2015:

Eileen Tran and Shi Chen join the lab as graduate students in the Masters program. Welcome!

February 2015:

Maria Barrera is a new undergraduate researcher to join the lab to work with Mark. Welcome!

At the inaugural Gordon Research Conference on RNA Nanotechnology, Thomas is elected Vice Chair for the next conference in 2017 and Chair for 2019.