November 2011:

Kejia is a new dad! Hi son Jason was born on November 5. Congratulations and all the best!

March 2011:

Our work on the crystal structure and programmed self-assembly of an RNA nanosquare has been accepted for publication in PNAS.

Thomas has been granted promotion to Associate Professor with tenure, effective July 2011.

April 2011:

UCSD publishes a news release on our PNAS paper on the RNA nanosquare.

Welcome to Vahagn Antonyan, an undergraduate researcher who will work with Thomas on the nanosquare project.


June 2011:

Maia Carnevali, the second PhD student to graduate from the lab, has defended her thesis on June 20. Congratulations, Maia!

August 2011:

Emily is moving to Upstate NY to start her new position as a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the Chemistry Department of Ithaca College. Congratulations, Emily!

September 2011:

Rayya Samawi and Brian Charette, two new undergraduate researchers, join Kevin's gang of RNA ligand synthesizers. Welcome!

October 2011:

Emily Satkiewicz, the third PhD student to graduate from the lab, has defended her thesis on October 20. Congratulations, Emily!

December 2011:

Mark Boerneke is joining our lab as a new graduate student. Mark did his undergraduate studies at Point Loma Nazarene and will start working on a new target in the HCV IRES RNA. Welcome!