May 2014:

Kejia's work on aryl-benzimidazole inhibitors of the HCV IRES has been accepted for publication in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. The same journal has accepted a manuscript on benzoxazole inhibitors by Kevin. Collaborative work with Meni Wanunu at Northeastern U on probing the conformational inhibition mechanism of the HCV IRES by nanopore studies has been accepted for publication by ACS Nano. Kevin is a co-author on this paper. Congratulations to all!

April 2014:

Quint Frauman is a new graduate student joining the synthesis lab to work on RNA-targeting ligands. Welcome!

February 2014:

Gloria Hernández-Torres joins as a visiting researcher from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She will investigate new ligands targeting the HCV IRES. Welcome to her!

June 2014:

Kejia Ding defended his thesis! Kejia is the 6th PhD student to graduate from our lab. A week later, he is already on the way to his new job in Sunnyvale. Congratulations!

July 2014:

Nick Brunn is awarded the Annual Outstanding Dissertation Award by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Congratulations!

Andrew Bergdorf, an undergraduate student, and Jixia Ren, a Masters student in Chemical Engineering, join the lab to participate in research on viral RNA switches. Welcome!

August 2014:

Mark Boerneke is awarded a Teddy G. Traylor Award for exceptional achievement as a graduate student by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Congratulations!

October 2014:

Mark's work on the discovery and characterization of ligand-responsive RNA switches has been published in PNAS. UCSD has prepared a news release on the paper. Congratulations!

January 2014:

Thomas is appointed as a founding co-director of the Center for Drug Discovery Innovation (CDDI), a cross-campus Organized Research Unit at UC San Diego.

December 2014:

Nick's research on mRNA recognition by the human thymidylate synthase enzyme has been published in Bioscience Reports. Congratulations!