January 2010:

Welcome to two new graduate and four undergraduate students in the lab!

Kejia Ding, an organic student, and Nicholas Brunn, a biochemist, have decided to work on their thesis in our group. Phung Nong and Brian Huynh join as undergrad volunteers in the biochemistry lab. On the organic synthesis side, Hugh Nguyen will participate in Maia's research and Amity Li is a new addition to Emily's team.

A good start to everyone in 2010!

February 2010:

Jerod's and Sergey's work on the structure and ligand binding of an RNA model for a ribosomal drug target has been accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research. Congratulations!

March 2010:

Emily Satkiewicz has been awarded a Socrates Fellowship for the 2010-2011 academic year. Bao Ho has been selected for an Amgen Scholarship.

Congratulations to both!

May 2010:

Jerod Parsons, the first PhD student to graduate from the lab, has defended his thesis on May 13. Congratulations, Jerod!

Cody Higginson has been awarded the 2010 J.E. Mayer Award for Undergraduate Research. Congratulations!

Maia's work on a new series of RNA-binding compounds that target the HCV IRES has been accepted for publication in ChemBioChem. Congratulations!

October 2010:

Welcome to Jesus Moreno, an undergraduate researcher who will work with Maia on the synthesis of RNA-binding ligands!

November 2010:

Welcome to Melody Kao and Chris Gabriel, two new undergraduate volunteers! Melody will join Nick in the biochemistry lab and Chris will participate in Kevin's synthesis research.

August 2010:

Welcome to Alexa Lean who will join as undergrad volunteer in the biochemistry lab!

December 2010:

Goodbye and all the best for the future to Sanjay Dutta who is leaving the group after 3 1/2 years to move on to a postdoc position at TSRI.

And Welcome to Carrie Tan, a new undergraduate who will work with Kejia on the synthesis of new RNA binders.