May 2009:

The NIH (NCI) awards a 5-year R01 grant for $1,800,000 to the lab.

April 2009:

Welcome to three new undergraduate students who will participate in our effort to synthesize RNA-binding scaffolds. Maria Alvarado will join Emily and Bao Ho as well as Cody Higginson, a recipient of an Amgen Scholar fellowship, will both work with Sanjay.

February 2009:

Maia Carnevali wins a scholarship to attend the Medicinal Chemistry Intensive Program at the UCSD Extension in March. Congratulations!

July 2009:

Jerod's work on the mechanism of an HCV inhibitor is accepted for publication in Nature Chemical Biology. Congratulations!

Welcome to Sara Selvaraj who joins as a high school student intern for the summer.

September 2009:

Welcome to Jessica Bruystens and Kejia Ding of the incoming class of graduate students who do rotations in the lab.

Chemical & Engineering News writes about our work on HCV inhibitors and UCSD publishes a news release on our NCB paper.


October 2009:

Our paper on the mechanism of an HCV inhibitor appears in the November issue of Nature Chemical Biology, accompanied by a News and Views article by Begley and Varani.

Cody Higginson has been awarded a 2009 Dean's Undergraduate Award for Excellence. Congratulations!

Welcome to Kiet Tran, an undergraduate student, who will work with Kevin on method development for the synthesis of RNA-binding ligands.


December 2009:

Sanjay's discovery of a novel ring expansion rearrangement to make substituted 1,3-diazepanes is accepted for publication in Organic Letters. Congratulations!