January 2013:

Mark Boerneke is awarded with a GAANN Fellowship by the U.S. Department of Education,

Kevin Rynearson receives a travel grant by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry to attend the ACS Meeting in New Orleans this year, and

Melody Kao, an undergraduate Alumni of our lab has been awarded the 2011 Dean's Undergraduate Award for Excellence. Part of her nomination was work performed with Nick on the TS mRNA target.

Congratulations to Melody, Kevin and Mark!

Also, a farewell to Shu Zhou who will join Paul Insel's lab at UCSD and welcome to Lydia Teague who joins as a new unergraduate researcher to work with Kevin.


March 2013:

Kejia's daughter Kate was born on March 12, pictured with big brother Jason. Congratulations & all the best wishes!

Shus's paper on the development of a FRET screen for inhibitors of the HCV IRES has been accepted by Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. Congratulations!

Welcome to Jerry Lan who joins as a new undergraduate researcher to work with Nick.

May 2013:

Jing Gu is a new undergraduate researcher to join the lab to work with Mark. Welcome!

June 2013:

Mark Boerneke is accepted as graduate trainee in the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant. Congratulations!

July 2013:

Kevin's work on oxazole analogs of streptolidine lactam has been accepted as full paper in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations!

September 2013:

Brian Charrette, a former undergraduate researcher in our lab, joins as a graduate student in the Masters program. Welcome!

October 2013:

Our Perspective article on HCV Translation Inhibitors Targeting the Internal Ribosome Entry Site is published in J. Med. Chem. The article includes a complete account of research on the HCV IRES in our lab over the past years, starting with Jerod Parsons's work, the first graduate student in the Hermann lab. Thanks for everybody's contributions!


December 2013:

Kevin Rynearson and Nick Brunn both defend their thesis within four days! Kevin and Nick are PhD students # 4 and 5 to graduate from our lab. Congratulations to both! We are happy about the successful completion of their grad student carreer, but sad to see them leaving the lab.