January 2012:

Welcome to Shu Zhou, a new postdoc, and Zhao Wu an undergraduate student who will work with Kejia on RNA ligand synthesis. Shu, who received her PhD on work on RNA-ligand recognition in the Hines group at Ohio University, will use her expertise in the RNA field to participate in our HCV IRES project.

Our lab picks up some serious prep and analytical HPLC equipment from Pfizer ... for a song. Thanks to all lab members who helped with unloading the truck - and especially to Kevin & Sergey who did the heavy lifting.

October 2012:

Nick's paper on the thymidylate synthase mRNA target has been accepted by ChemBioChem. Congratulations!

Rayya Samawi and Nancy Tran, new graduate students in the Masters program, join the lab to work on ligand synthesis (Rayya) and crystallography (Nancy). Welcome!

July - September 2012:

Julie Shen, Kathleen Sered, Christy Ho, Kathrina Kettler, Jiayi Zhang and Annie Wang are new undergraduate researchers to join the lab this summer. Welcome everyone!

June 2012:

Kejia Ding wins a travel award of the UCSD Chemistry Department to present his work at the ACS Fall Meeting in Philadelphia. Congratulations!

March 2012:

UCSD publishes a news release on our PNAS paper on the HCV IRES RNA - translation inhibitor complex. Check out the YouTube video starring Sergey vs. ze Crystals plus some awesome liquid N2 shots...

Also, our PNAS paper is already featured at the Faculty of 1000 website with an Exceptional rating.

February 2012:

Our manuscript disclosing the crystal structure of an RNA target in the HCV IRES bound to a viral translation inhibitor has been accepted for publication in PNAS.

Welcome to Lee Wang, a JDP graduate student from the Bergdahl group at SDSU who will collaborate with our lab on the synthesis of RNA-targeting peptides.